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Our Cleaning Standards

Extensive Cleaning & Disinfecting

We are fully committed to the safety and security of our guests, homeowners, and employees. Providing a safe and clean environment for our guests and team members has always a top priority for Access Winter Park – even more so today. Toward that end, Access Winter Park has implemented our Stay Safely program.

Safely Stay Peace of Mind Cleaning Policy: A new standard in clean!

Our Safely Stay Cleaning Policy was developed to help ensure our guests and homeowners feel confident in the cleanliness and safety of their property so they can relax and enjoy their time in the mountains.

Rest assured knowing all of our vacation rental properties are professionally cleaned, sanitized and disinfected after each guest stay. Our housekeeping policies and products meet or exceed CDC cleaning guidelines to eliminate viruses and bacteria. Learn more about CDC cleaning and disinfecting guidelines.

Particular attention is paid to high touch items. We use EPA approved (List N) cleaning and disinfecting products.

As part of the Stay Safely program, we are requiring a minimum of 24 hours between stays in order to allow additional time to help ensure a safe stay for our homeowners and guests so back-to-back reservations will not be accepted at this time.

Additional information on our Safely Stay Program can be found on our Updates & Alerts Communications page under the COVID-19 response.

If you have any questions/concerns, please reach out to our Reservation Staff at (303) 704-7291 for more details.