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What We Offer

  • WE ARE LOCAL We are a locally owned and operated vacation rental lodging company and have been in Winter Park since 2006. We have a full-service, year-round reservations team, housekeeping, maintenance team, and bookkeeper. We have an office in downtown Winter Park, in Winter Park Station, and you are welcome to call or stop by anytime. Our staff, from reception, reservationists, maintenance and housekeepers, all live, work & play in the Winter Park area. The team knows the area and are happy to answer any questions and share their local knowledge.
  • OWNER RELATIONS As a small boutique company, you will get to know us and we will get to know you and your home. We have deliberately chosen to remain a small company, focused on a limited number of high end hand picked properties in order to provide the highest quality service to both owners and guests. We recognize that different homeowners have different needs. We customize our services to meet your needs. Our commitment to serving the homeowner on a customized personal level is a top priority. We encourage owners to use their properties and have a owner portal which allows you to view the reservation calendar, make your own reservations, view nightly rates and monthly statements. We do keep our owners notified of any routine upkeep or maintenance issues that arise as well as make recommendations for home updating.
  • MAINTENANCE & PROPERTY CARE Our property care team is made up of talented major and minor maintenance staff, who can handle just about everything. For the occasional repair/maintenance item our maintenance staff does not handle, we have great working relationships with speciality contractors for electrical, major plumbing & heating, appliance repairs, etc and often get priority service. We can handle everything from notifying you of a needed repair to scheduling and meeting the appointed contractor at your property. We include an accidental damage fee in each reservation so if a guest should damage the property, we will get it fixed without charge to either you or the guest. Happy Owners, Happy Guests.
  • GUEST SERVICES Our focus is on creating a memorable guest stay so our guests want to come back, year after year. When a guest books online, we always call and speak with them. Our team listens carefully to what the guest says, both before during and after their stay. By getting to know a guest, we can make sure they are the right guest for your property and we can then set the stage for a memorable guest experience. Our goal is to make them feel welcome and special. Celebrating a birthday….a birthday cake will be waiting, elaborating a special anniversary?….flowers and a card will greet them. We have a guest app that provides driving directions, a unique guest access code assigned specifically for their stay, WiFi network & passwords as well as our recommendations for the secret powder stash, hiking trails, or where to go for dinner.
  • HOUSEKEEPING & INSPECTIONS Our housekeeping crew is the best in the valley. Our crew has been with us for over 13 years. The same crew is assigned to your property each time so they know your unit inside out, know how to set-it up for each guest or owner stay and notice when things are not as they should be. We also provide high end amenities for each guest stay.
  • MARKETING We have a broad scope marketing strategy which includes internet marketing with Search Engine Optimization, digital and print advertising, social media and direct email to our large contact list and former guests. Our web site is mobile friendly, has high quality photos, location maps and guests reviews.

Why Choose Access Winter Park

We’ve been Colorado vacation property owners for years. Having been owners we are aware of the needs of resort community property owners and guests. We have been successful in renting our own property directly to visitors and we have experienced some of the challenges of working with traditional property management companies. From our experience and success to date we’ve put together an arrangement that works for everyone. And we’ve had strong demand from our existing and returning guests for additional vacation rentals in Winter Park, as well as requests from Winter Park homeowners for our services. We have deliberately chosen to remain a small business, with a limited number of select properties. By remaining small, we can continue to offer personalized and custom tailored services to both owners and guests. We understand that each property owner has different needs and different goals so with that in mind, we work with you to establish a model that best suits your needs. We market your property (web presence & print media), book your property and can handle everything from check-in to any issues that may arise. We’ve been very successful in our rental operations in Winter Park and will be launching additional properties later this summer.

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The Difference

Here’s what’s different about working with Access Winter Park and why it might be the right solution for you:

- We do most of the challenging work for you - finding the right guests for your home, finalizing all terms and maintain ongoing guest services during each course of stay.
- We offer assistance to owners and guests 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
- We can help plan your vacation itineraries.
- We have a concierge program designed to assist guests with groceries, have a meal ready and waiting, arrange catered meals or have a personal chef cook you dinner.
- We book guests into your property, according the the dates you make available.
- We provide owners with a secure online availability status calendar allowing you to block out dates when you are using your home and see when we’ve booked your property.
- You can make your property available as much or as little as you desire–no penalties for only renting your property one day a year.
- Our fees are much lower than traditional property management fees.
- Property owners have the right to terminate our working relationship at any time.

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So, What Are You Waiting For?

Access Winter Park Lodging strives to to maximize your rental income, while simultaneously providing the best care for you, your home, and our guests with our outstanding high-quality service that can give you the peace of mind that your home is well cared for and worry free for you! We will work closely with you to create a specific plan tailored to your needs. Give us a call. We look forward to hearing from you!